About Celeste


What life has taught me through loss and grief. Life has renewed, transformed, and re-ignited through LOVE. My vision of making a world a better place has led me to discover my personal commitment to service and has allowed me to be a teacher and a student of life…

My passion began at an early age. I always had a strong vision of service. I gravitate to populations that in are in need of a voice. I always wanted to change or challenge the status quo and to nurture the resiliency of humans through life’s adversities ❤️

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies/Child development and a Masters in Education/Early Childhood. I hold various Holistic certifications in Healing Arts therapeutic modalities. I am a Grief facilitator at Hospice of the Valley, where we offer group facilitation for children and their families that are dealing with grief. I also offer Grief coaching and Support groups through my own movement, Grief Speaks Project. 

I am currently a High Needs Case Manager for children from 3-18 yrs. I assist children and their families by meeting their specific needs in their behavioral health treatment. I am also a Developmental Specialist for Early Intervention, with children from 0-3 yrs that display developmental delays or that have medical disabilities. I assist in therapeutic coaching in developmental milestones. 

My career background is diverse. I have provided Respite for Disabled children. I have taught Kinder, Pre-K, and Early Head Start. I have trained Early Childhood Educators. As a Parent Educator, I have participated in the Parents as Teachers program. I have been a Case Manager for Domestic violence victims and their children, and a Service Coordinator for children with disabilities. I have also spent more than 12 years in Higher Education as an Academic Advisor, Field Placement Admin, and Program Analyst. I highly value education and the learning process. In my future endeavors, I plan become a Licensed Social Worker and continue to integrate holistic and clinical support to children and families in the community. 

The fusion of Integrative Holistic therapies that I offer are: Wellness Life Coaching, Intuitive readings (Tarot/Angel/Oracle), Asian/Western bodywork, Energy and Intuitive Medicine, Shamanism, and Trans-personal Hypnotherapy to mention a few…Medical/Energetic Massage and Zen Garden Yoga (children) coming soon. 

Family dynamics, relationships, and human development is something that I focus my practice on and along with my passion of service.

I offer educational workshops:

  • Holistic Wellness and Personal Empowerment
  • Group facilitation and Public Speaking
  • YouTube: Mystical Musings, Podcast: Celestial 
  • Children’s Programs (Zen Kids): Chakras, Yoga, Mindful Parenting, Development, Reiki certification for kids.

My continued vision is to provide alternative therapies for children, families, and individuals that are committed to evolve and change their dynamics, transform their lives, and increase their well-being. I work with individuals from all walks of life; specifically individuals that experience grief, abuse, and trauma…

My passions in life are: LOVE, wellness, medicine, nature, children, dance, cosmos, astrology/astronomy, personal development, movement, yoga, and writing (closet poet). As I practice and experience life to live in  a state of balance and joy to share with others.  

Namaste ❤